Our mission and strategy


Make democracy fulfilling by building and popularizing a platform that allows groups of multiple backgrounds, ideals, and sizes to be democratic based on these premises:

  1. Democracy is the rule of the majority.
  2. Democracy should be transparent and open source.
  3. Thoughtful, open-for-all, and fact-based conversations are essential for successful democracies.
  4. Democracy should be both direct and representative.
  5. All members should be able to be a delegate and delegates can, in turn, appoint their accumulated votes to other delegates.
  6. Members should be able to delegate their vote to multiple delegates.
  7. Democracy should be real time.

We acknowledge that Democrracy doesn’t solve certain issues innate to democracies, such as the potential oppression of the minority by the majority. Similarly, Democrracy may not be a good fit for groups where freedom of expression is limited and where transparent voting could lead to intimidation. Still, we believe that Democrracy can be a significant step forward by creating new spaces for civic engagement.


  • Not being able to attract enough volunteers or funding.
  • Not being capable of building a friendly-enough platform.
  • Not being able to attract users to it.
  • The consequences of breaking the law in some jurisdictions.
  • Hacking.
  • Not being able to find a sustainable model.


  1. Ongoing: try to get grants.
  2. Validate the product opportunity.†
  3. Validate the product solution.†
  4. Run crowdfunding campaign.
  5. Build MVP.†
  6. If, and when needed: become an independent legal entity from Torre and Torre Social.

(†) Following Torre’s product management methodology, assisted by Torre Social.


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